Registration has begun for our July 6 round of Intermittent Fasting.

Life still feels a little off-balance right now. But one thing remains: YOU NEED TO EAT!

Is the scale creeping up and up?

Do you feel like you've lost control?

You need a SOLID PLAN! Join #beMarthaFit for 3 weeks with our #beFAST Intermittent Fasting Program.

Take back YOUR control over what you eat and how you fuel your body.

Our team of Coaches and Registered Dietitian do all the "thinking" for you -- you have enough to worry about.

JOIN the #beFAST Intermittent Fasting Program for 3 weeks and regain your healthy eating habits, reduce inflammation and feel energetic and amazing!

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1.  3-week Customized Meal Plan

2.  Intermittent Fasting TIMING Calendar

3.  Group Coaching, Daily


4.  A 3-week RECIPE PACK

5.  Accountability Calendar

6.  Detailed Grocery List


Mini Challenges Weekly!

To stay on track throughout your Intermittent Fasting Journey, our Coaches will guide you through mini-challenges each week, so that you stay focused and engaged!

"1 week back on this plan and I feel amazing! My clothes are fitting better too!   So SO glad I'm back on a #bMF plan."

~ Sue

"I felt amazing all week, the bloat is gone, my clothes fit better.  I saw friends today who said I look great!  I'm so grateful to this program"

~ Stephanie

"I feel absolutely AMAZEBALLS!  I have so much energy, my face has lost its  bloat and proud that my 18 year old daughter is following along on the plan with me.  She loves all the food so far!"

~ Renee

"Definitely feel I've rid myself of bloat/roundness in my stomach area.  My pants fit looser by the end of the week."

~ Shelly


As soon as you register and pay you will be guided through our on-boarding process.  DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER window in PayPal.

We will gather important information from you in order to write your food plan.  

As you work through your on-boarding process you will be added to our closed FACEBOOK Group Support page.

Your investment in your health for our 3-week #beFast program is ONLY $72.

Registration DEADLINE is July 3. We start together, Monday, July 6.

Join the #beFAST Intermittent Fasting Program TODAY!

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