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  • Next Step: READ ALL PLAN DESCRIPTIONS! Choosing your plan is entirely up to you! You are responsible for choosing the plan you believe best fits you, your medical concerns and any food allergies you may have.
  • Have questions? Contact us. Link below.
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Help Me:  Email a coach with plan questions


  • Normal Woman's Plan: This plan is great if you don't have any medical issues, aren't pregnant or breastfeeding and do not have any food sensitivities
    NOTE: if you are a woman either approaching menopause, in menopause or post-menopause Coach Martha HIGHLY suggests you choose the MENOPAUSE PLAN
  • Normal Men's Plan: This plan is great if you don't have any medical issues or food sensitivities
  • PCOS/Diabetic/Insulin Resistent Plan: This plan is ideal if you know you have been diagnosed with any of the above medical conditions
  • Menopausal: This plan works well for any woman who is approaching, in or post menopause
  • Pregnant/Breastfeeding: This plan is specifically for anyone who is expecting or currently breastfeeding their baby
  • Vegetarian: This plan should be used for anyone who does not want to eat meat proteins
  • Dairy Free: Choose this plan if you are lactose intollerant or need to avoid all dairy.
  • Egg Free: This plan avoids eggs for breakfast, but cannot guarantee that your recipes will not include eggs. Please email a coach if you need to avoid ALL eggs, including those in recipes.
  • Gluten Free: Choose this plan if you need to avoid gluten or have been diagnosed as Celiac
  • Nut Free: This plan will not have any nuts and accommodates any and all nut allergies

Every meal plan is APPROVED by our in-house #beMarthaFit Registered Dietitian.


  • You will be directed to PAYPAL to complete registration
  • DO NOT close your browser after you pay--you will be IMMEDIATELY REDIRECTED (within 10 seconds) to join our Facebook Support Group
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Do you have a question about which plan is best for you? Feel free to email us and a coach will respond within 24 hours.

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