Martha VanCamp

Founder and Creator of the #beMarthaFit Weight-Loss Systems and the #beMarthaFit online recipe database.

The #beMarthaFit weight-loss systems is an online platform, nationally recognized for its client success with customized weight loss meal plans, community support and one-on-one online coach access.

The #beMarthaFit recipe website database houses hundreds and hundreds of recipes that have been re-mastered by the #beMarthaFit in-house chef. All recipes are low calorie and truly macro-nutrient based for weight loss.

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Martha VanCamp is a Keynote Speaker for #REFRESH 2020

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Martha discusses the journey to losing 105 pounds.

From raising 7 kids, and the moment she realized she had to make a life-change to take back her health.

Martha discusses how to listen to that inner voice as your guiding force so start your wellness journey.