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Lose Stubborn Fat EASILY with our #beFast Intermittent Fasting Program

Join our November 9th Round of #beFast

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Frustrated by the scale?

Stuck on a weight-loss plateau?

TAKE BACK CONTROL! Our Coaching Team and Registered Dietitian have "done the thinking for you" with our customized intermittent fasting meal plan!

Regain your Health and Energy

Lose Weight

Flush Deadly Inflammation

Your investment in your health for this program is ALL-INCLUSIVE and only $80

Join our Nov 9th Round of #beFast.

CLICK to create your CUSTOMIZED Plan

Your #beFast Includes

Meal Plan

Each MEAL PLAN is customized for your medical issues and food allergies.

Remember, we NEVER repeat a meal plan. So every months #beFast is different and FUN.

When selecting your MEAL PLAN be sure to select the category that best suits your needs.

Recipe Packs

Each MEAL PLAN comes with a specific recipe pack for you to enjoy for FREE.

Recipes are EASY, low calorie and macro-nutrient balanced. These are recipes the entire family will love.


As a client you will be added to our PRIVATE client support group.

You will be motivated daily by our coaching team, including Head Coach, Martha VanCamp.

Group Coaching

Head Coach, Martha VanCamp provides group coaching within the PRIVATE client support group.

PLUS, she provides weekly, LIVE Question & Answer sessions.

Medical Conditions?

No problem! Our MEAL PLANS are customized to your medical concerns or issues. ALL meal plans are heart-healthy, macro nutrient balanced.


Insulin Resistance/Diabetes

Egg/Nut/Dairy-Free Plans

Gluten Free

Generalized Food Allergies

Pregnant or Breastfeeding

OR: prefer a vegetarian plan?

NOTE: make sure you select the correct plan/program during your check out.

Your investment in your health for the 3-week Program is only $80.

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